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Well-Care Exams

The basis for preventative health care in your pet..and horse..is the annual physical exam. All animals should receive an annual physical exam in which all body systems are examined by palpation (feel), observation, and auscultation (listening with a stethoscope). As an adult, most dogs and cats age at the rate of 6-8 years to one human year. Adult horses age at the rate of 3-4 years to one human year. For this reason, one human year is a long period in your pet's life span and the annual physical is important to detect any abnormalities before they become severe.

At the time of the exam, we recommend several tests be performed to give us a baseline for the future if your pet and horse does become sick as well as a screen for any internal abnormalities not apparent on the physical exam. Vaccinations recommendations are based on the animal's age, breed, and risk of exposure. Vaccinations are contraindicated in sick or debilitated animals. This is another reason a complete physical exam is required before vaccinations can be administered. For vaccination recommendations,please call our office as this differs, as mentioned above, with the pet's/horse's age, breed, and risk of exposure.