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Preventative Health Care for Cats

All kittens should receive a physical exam at at least by 6-8 weeks of age to check for congenital health problems. Kittens will usually receive their initial vaccinations at this visit. Vaccinations your kitten will receive depend on you kitten's lifestyle and risk of exposure. A fecal analysis is also recommended at this visit to check for intestinal parasites.

Heartworm prevention is also recommended. Although cats are not as susceptible as dogs to heartworm disease, cats can become infected even if they are indoor cats.

Since there is no safe and effective treatment for heartworms in cats and acute disease leading to death has been reported, prevention is the only option.

Nutrition and flea control will be discussed at this initial visit as well as the appropriate time for the next visit.

All cats over 4 months of age are required to be vaccinated for Rabies twice within the 1st year, then once every 3 years thereafter if vaccinated with an approved 3 year vaccine. However, many of the local cities have more strict requirements. Check with your city or town animal control officer or police All other recommended vaccines depend on your cat's lifestyle and risk of exposure. An annual physical exam is required to make sure your pet is healthy for vaccinations.

We also recommend a heartworm test and fecal analysis annually to check for these parasites as well as a feline leukemia and Feline FIV(Aids) test.

For cats over 2 years of age, a complete blood count, blood chemistry, and urinalysis are also recommended to determine if any abnormalities are present that were not apparent on the physical exam and to provide a baseline for the future so if your pet does develop an illness later in life, we will have normal values for comparison.

All recommended tests and vaccinations are in a package and have been discounted because we feel they are very important for your pet's health.