Judd Veterinary Clinic

301 East Spring Valley Road
Hewitt, TX 76643



Medical Services

Internal medicine is a special interest of ours. If your pet is sick or injured, he or she may require immediate testing and aggressive therapy to achieve a successful outcome.

For this reason, we feature in-house diagnostics including a complete blood count(CBC), blood chemistry, urinalysis, radiographs(X-Rays), ultrasound, flexible endoscopy, and electrocardiogram(ECG), and multiple disease specific bloodtests.

Radiographs, flexible endoscopy, and ultrasound can be done both in clinic and on farm. Lab samples can be obtained at the farm and testing can be performed at the clinic. Results of all these in-house tests are usually available in less than 1 hour unless sent to a specialist for a 2nd opinion. This eliminates the waiting period required for test results when sending samples to outside labs as some critical cases require immediate test results.